15 avr

Roomies EP from Le Serveur is out!

04 avr

M.A BEAT! shares the stage with Ras G in Paris!

Ras G, M.A BEAT!, Soulist

M.A BEAT! will play at the Mellow Club in Paris next to Brainfeeder’s Ras G and (our favorite) DJ Soulist aka Funky French President.


28 mar

M.A BEAT! live at Mudd Club

What a night with M.A BEAT!, Leopard DaVinci, The Mother Funker, Le Serveur and Groovehunter Phil, the boss of the Mudd Club closing the party himself! (He had to…).

M.A BEAT! attack combo!


Leopard DaVinci harassing his laptop – listen to his mix at Molodoï, Strasbourg


Leopard DaVinci & M.A BEAT!


24 mar

Leopard DaVinci Mix & Keyboard

Mix by Leopard DaVinci recorded at the Molodoï in Strasbourg… heavy funk-soul remixes and keyboard solos!

Leopard DaVinci Mix & Keyboard at Molodoï by Black Milk Music on Mixcloud

Leopard Guitar
Picture taken at Mudd Club, Strasbourg
Leopard Guitar