13 déc

Xmas Special T-Shirt + Record Offer

We make a special Xmas offer that we hope you will like !

1 record of The Fat Badgers, M.A BEAT! or Mr.Troy & junclassic + 1 BMM Records T-Shirt is only 25€ shipping included (in France – and extremely cheap shipping for other countries).
Call your sister and tell here to check out our store on Bandcamp here!

Below is The Mother Funker wearing a Doom mask, a XXL BMM Records T-shirt and carrying the vinyl of The Bad by The Fat Badgers<

08 déc

The Fat Badgers – We Don’t Care

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02 déc

The Fat Badgers – The Bad EP

We are pleased to release The Bad EP by The Fat Badgers
Second EP in the disco-funk trilogy The Fat Bad & The Gers
4 original tracks and a remix of Dj Moar

Available on vinyl and in digital on the following links:


Liner notes:

LEOPARD ★ DAVINCI ★ badleadvocals ★ badkeyboards ★ badprogramming ★
SKEUV ★ L’ANGUILLE ★ baddrums ★ badvocals ★
TASTY ★ BOUBOU ★ badbouncybass ★ badvocals ★
ART ★ VONFUNK ★ badguitar ★ badvocalsAll songs written by cyp steck and art vonfelt except PNS Bounce written by cyp steck and adam lanfrey

Recorded and mixed in july/august 2014 by Leopard DaVinci, except drums and bass recorded by Louis Le Serveur Treffel

Master and accidental producing by baptiste bruzi in green valley records
Artwork drawings and font by Ervanouzenoux.

Produced by Leopard DaVinci for Black Milk Music

27 nov

Clip: « PNS Bounce » – The Fat Badgers

PNS Bounce from The Bad EP / Release on December 1st, 2014

Pre-order the vinyl on Fnac or Juno and the digital version on iTunes (soon on Bandcamp)

The Bad Release Parties
L’International, Paris 1/12 with The Fat Badgers, M.A BEAT! and Pain Surprises
Mudd Club, Strasbourg 5/12 with The Fat Badgers, Dj Cam and Dj Moar

Starring :
The Fat Badgers
Les Pétasses d’Alsace
Mister T-Rex Buchette

Edited and directed by David Heitzmann
Camera operator : Bastien Dreyer
Lights : Romain Denisot
Extra footage : Cyril Heitzmann

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