20 nov

The Fat Badgers to Star Wax Magazine

The Fat Badgers finally confess to Star Wax Mag and tell why they bring the real funk in France.

The Fat Badgers

16 nov

The Fat Badgers « Cause I Never » announces The Bad EP, to be released on 1st December

Announcing the new EP The Bad, to be released on monday 1st december on vinyl and digital via Black Milk Music, The Fat Badgers drop the first single « Cause I Never ».

« Cause I Never » was one of the first songs recorded by The Fat Badgers, here is a new version of the track below.

Artwork The Bad
The Bad Artwork by Erwanchouz

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22 oct

The Fat Badgers play « Badgers Can Bite » live

The Fat Badgers open the festival Nancy Jazz Pulsations on saturday 4th October

20 oct

Clap Yo Hands Drum Cover

Adrien Legay, the drummer of M.A BEAT! and the NCY Milky Band is going really hard on this new series of covers. Clap Yo Hands by A Tribe Called Quest and C.Y.D.T.T (Can You Dance To This) by 20Syl are the first candies.