We played in New York, Toronto, Boston & Montrťal and went thru some windshield break, loose in the city & great discoverings. Nick & Mike alias The Brothers Nylon played the whole tour to consolidate the musical formation. Mike plays the drums and is the producer & Nick plays almost every instrument. They record every day & night, itís perhaps the most dedicated people we met.

When they play together itís like a merging between them. This fusion is probably due to human nature. In fact, they come from the same egg, it means they are monozygote twins. After 20 days full of music, iced coffee & fun, we were back at their house in Patchogue. We were connected and keen to record in their universe, the Cosmic Cave.

From Kazakhstan to North America through Italia, we remember epic landscapes from this summer. At the end of the tour, we had some rest in Long Island and recorded a live session at the Brother Nylon's studio, the Cosmic Cave. Five connected minds - Ten meters square - 80ļF - Eight track recorder is on...