la recette

La Recette

La Recette
Towards Fulfilment

La Recette is a forward-thinking soul quartet based in Paris, lead by the guitarist, composer and singer Oscar Emch. Under influences of contemporary artists like D’Angelo, Flying Lotus or Thundercat, their sound is urban, uninhibited and driven by energy of the youth. From jazz music, they keep the harmony and improvisation, from soul music, its the deep presence and from pop and rock, the efficiency and the simplicity.

As you listen to La Recette, you get involved in their flow of sound, humming melodies, feeling the music from your spirit to your body, singing and dancing. In 2015, La Recette release first EP on Cosmonostro, then they recorded the epic song “Space Odyssey” arranged for an orchestra of 17 musicians. Their debut on BMM records "Towards Fulfilment" is a collection of deep pop songs including collaboration with legendary french flute player Magic Malik.

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